Make-A-Gamer-Wish Foundation

What if you had one wish as a gamer? As a hardcore console junkie, you had one chance to make any wish come true? If I had this wish, like if I rubbed a Kinect and Ken Levine materialized in my living room willing to grant me one wish for the next generation of consoles, I know what I’d wish for.

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Your Life on a Hard Drive

or: The Cloud Model…Extrapolated We here at Poppyc**k love technology, and have for years welcomed the idea that one day our future robot overlords will see us for the dangerous and unpredictable variable that we are and decide through complicated algorithms that the course of elimination or enslavement far outweighs the dangers of tolerating our […]

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Life is no game, but them games are getting a lot like life

Take for instance the case of maybe the clear front runner for the GOTY, Mass Effect 2. A game where the very conversations you have, the responses you choose, will have an effect on the compliance and trust of those you encounter. Set aside the improved combat systems and the nuts and bolts stuff, but you must gain the loyalty of your team, and this very interaction and successful relationship building can have repercussions in the survival of yourself and members of your team at the climax of the storyline; this will undoubtedly effect the next installment in the series, just as your actions from the first effected your characters life in ME2.

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