Music: Magic/Science

Music for me, a man who would miss his cues on a slide whistle, is like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat; I know there’s a trick and a way he does it, but damned if I’m not stupefied every time I see it done. But I’ve always wondered what it’s like on the other side of that coin. Does an artist, a master of the craft of music, still hold that infantile wonderment for the same trick, even though they have their own rabbit and hat?

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POS, Dessa, and Grieves Bring Lyricism to the Troubador in LA

Never put this on my blog from way back. One of the coolest moments for me as a journalist, getting to meet and interview POS…
P.O.S., Dessa, and Grieves put on a veritable hip-hop clinic that showed the mainstream that the real spectacle is not under the big top, but in the sideshows during their LA stop on the “Every Never is Now” Tour.
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