Two Faced Nations Cannot Garner Trust in International Community; US Must Set Example

America has for some time now been a supposed beacon of fighting for human rights and fighting tyranny in our foreign policy. On so many occasions, when declaring war, or addressing the nation, Presidents of all kinds cite our freedoms, democracy, and human/civil rights, as a cornerstone of our efforts. We have been ‘underwriters’ of […]

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When push comes to shove, Conservatives become Liberals

What I find most exciting and interesting is the response overall to the shoe being on the other foot now. The Conservatives have been shoved right out of power, which was easy given that anyone with a Dem nomination was gonna win, and now they are raging against the night trying to get a foot hold. Now they feel like the ones being taken advantage of, the ones needing protection from their own government. How can I tell they are feeling desperate and running out of options? They are reaching across the aisles!

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newsertainment and ethical decay

We fear the unknown and education is the only way to alleviate this fear. We must teach and learn and then be knowledgeable enough to proceed knowing the gravity of a situation and the very real consequences of every choice we make. This is not a time for propaganda and indoctrination from people only concerned with staying employed and pleasing a very narrow audience in the scheme of things, there needs to be accountability and a healthy respect for the association of ideology we create when throwing around words and phrase with such disregard.

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