Page One Review

Page One is a compelling and revealing look in to one year at the New York Times; the Old Grey Lady. By dumb luck, the documentary is filmed during an incredible and controversial time at the paper. During a round of layoffs, as the news world crumbles around their feet causing people to question whether the […]

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newsertainment and ethical decay

We fear the unknown and education is the only way to alleviate this fear. We must teach and learn and then be knowledgeable enough to proceed knowing the gravity of a situation and the very real consequences of every choice we make. This is not a time for propaganda and indoctrination from people only concerned with staying employed and pleasing a very narrow audience in the scheme of things, there needs to be accountability and a healthy respect for the association of ideology we create when throwing around words and phrase with such disregard.

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The State of our Media Union: Poor

I will be the first to admit that I don’t pay for news, I just don’t. It is everywhere and it is free. I can’t afford to pay for something I can get at no cost, same way I now feel about water, don’t pay for it anymore, cant afford to. The new age of technology has created the new age of America. Today there is no unfiltered news and what people want to hear is things they agree with.

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Foghorn Leghorn and the commodity of truth or: to live in his shadow but never to fill his shoes

This evening during a break in my double on the day at Garman’s Pub in Santa Paula my blackberry vibrated as I waited for my turn to hack away at the cue ball in a game of nine-ball with the owner Clint. I was getting soundly beaten overall, the reemergence of my long lost mcdermott […]

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