Politics is Saturday Morning Cartoons for Adults

The big surprise to me is the 40-64 vote with 51% going to Brown and with more undecided at 28% than Newsom has at 21%. I thought this would be a more even split, more of a 40-30-30, to give Newsom some footing there. This is the demo Newsom needs to work on. The kids are his, they are too young to know Brown’s California of the past, and the elderly 65+ are lost since they all voted for Brown since the beginning of time. Plus, Newsom looks like a sleaze ball, which he kind of is, and the elderly don’t like a young guy who looks like he will try and sell you insurance you don’t need.

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side show always under the big top, in political circus

It seems each group is trying to do two things simultaneously that should not be physically possible to achieve in the same breath; one hand is painting a picture of change for the future while the other is trying sculpt traditional party lines and partisan views. I always thought feats of wonder like this were reserved for double jointed contortionists in side shows at a gypsy traveling circus; a spectacle you would pay a dollar to see out of nothing more than a morbid curiosity of the strange and wickedly fantastic.

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