Your Life on a Hard Drive

or: The Cloud Model…Extrapolated We here at Poppyc**k love technology, and have for years welcomed the idea that one day our future robot overlords will see us for the dangerous and unpredictable variable that we are and decide through complicated algorithms that the course of elimination or enslavement far outweighs the dangers of tolerating our […]

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Filtered to Death

I have touched on this before when papers were falling left and right in 2009, but I figured it was time to really cut my teeth on it. Dangerous personalization and filtration on a subtle level. Enjoy…and think.

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The State of our Media Union: Poor

I will be the first to admit that I don’t pay for news, I just don’t. It is everywhere and it is free. I can’t afford to pay for something I can get at no cost, same way I now feel about water, don’t pay for it anymore, cant afford to. The new age of technology has created the new age of America. Today there is no unfiltered news and what people want to hear is things they agree with.

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