CRP in need of some CPR

…calling it communist or un-American. American as I see it is a culmination of many different views united for the common good coming together for something greater than it’s individual parts. That is a founding idea of our forefathers, and if this is the case then the un-American thing would be to just dismiss and idea that opposes yours for the simple fact that it isn’t your idea…

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Jesus and His New PR Dept.

The association made here is that education breeds decent and that college is sinful…don’t believe me, I’ll break it down. The woman was fine in her beliefs until she decided to get an education, ignorance was bliss but then she went and fucked it up trying to get some answers. She started learning and asking questions, the key to a good education is finding answers to questions, and then she stopped going to church, which is sinful…transitive property is if A=B and B=C then A=C therefore in the equation if A is going to college, B is losing your faith, and C is sin…oh shit, you plug in the variables, you went to college!

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