Look at This F-ing Guy #60

Who Scoffs at Bounties and Head Hunting Sean Payton and The Saints D A lot of to do has been made about the Saints “bounty” program since the story broke last week. Since the initial reports, there have been admissions by everyone involved and more information has been released about how many were involved, who […]

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Hard Candy review

In this week’s FTMU we go all the way back to 2005. Hard Candy stars a young Ellen Page, but this isn’t the Ellen Page we all fell for in Juno. She’s no snarky and funky little teen prego. She plays Hayley Stark, a mature 14-year old girl who finally meets a 32-year old photographer […]

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Your Life on a Hard Drive

or: The Cloud Model…Extrapolated We here at Poppyc**k love technology, and have for years welcomed the idea that one day our future robot overlords will see us for the dangerous and unpredictable variable that we are and decide through complicated algorithms that the course of elimination or enslavement far outweighs the dangers of tolerating our […]

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