Interview: Emancipator at The Crystal Ballroom

Emancipator played the Crystal Ballroom March 28th and he took time to chat with our staffer Grace Caton.


Poppycock: Let’s go back to when you were first making music. What sparked it? What got you going?

Emancipator: When I was four years old, I wanted to learn the violin. When I was 15, I started using production software and recording on four-track mixers onto tape players and eventually on to my computer. That’s when my passion started.

Poppycock: What did your family think of you pursuing music as your career?

Emancipator: Apprehensive at first. Instead of writing college essays all I wanted to keep doing was work on songs. I had to prove that it was a viable option, and now they’re happy that I’m happy.

I went to College of William & Mary in Virginia. I studied Psychology, but made beats most of the time. Multiple choice test? Alright! More time for beats.

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ODESZA Blows the Roof Off of Holocene for the Soul’d Out Music Festival

There’s no need for introductions or spotlights here. They let their music do all the talking.

Anyone can throw a few tracks together and call it a song. But these two Seattleites prove that sample artists can in fact be true musicians.Some electronic has a trance that feels like walking on clouds, but ODESZA lights a fire underneath it and makes it skyrocket.They’re both percussionists. Their live beats make each of the tracks tie together and pop, rather than just being lost in the daze.


Each song starts with a trickling sensation, making you want more. They tease you, give you hope that they’re actually going to take the song there, and then boom—the song explodes and takes it five levels past that.
Going to a show isn’t just about seeing the band play anymore. Musicians are constantly finding new and inventive ways to step it up and create an experience for the audience instead of just playing what they previously recorded.

ODESZA is a perfect example of where music is heading. They are masters at connecting the crowd to their music through video, lights, live beats, and samples. It’s not just “oh hey, I know this song.” Instead, they blow all expectations out of the room. There’s no way to predict where the track will go next. Sometimes surprises in electronic sets can be really off putting. The crowd expects a drop and it doesn’t happen.

Every surprise that these guys bring to their set is delightful and so worth the tease.

In just two years ODESZA already sells out shows and opens for main headliners like Pretty Lights. These guys have hit the ground sprinting, and it’s only the beginning. All of us here at Poppycock are biting our nails and anxious to see the big things about to happen for these two.

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It’s festival season. Get your booty to the ODESZA stage.

17 Apr
Fullerton, CA
Free for 21+ with RSVP. $10 for Guaranteed Entry.

19 Apr
Indio, CA
Set Time TBA

6 May
Iron Horse Music Hall
Northampton, MA

7 May
The Middle East
Cambridge, MA

9 May
CMW – Tattoo Rock Parlour
Toronto, ON

10 May
Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, NY

13 May
Santos Party House
New York, NY

14 May
Cafe Eleven
St. Augustine, FL
with Kodak to Graph

15 May
Miami, FL
with Kodak to Graph

16 May
Will’s Pub
Orlando, FL
with Kodak to Graph

17 May
Tampa, FL
with Kodak to Graph

11-13 Jul
The Hudson Project Festival
Saugerties, NY
ODESZA Set Date and Time TBA

1-3 August
Montreal, QC
Show Date and Time TBA

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