The Donkey Will Chew Off its Own Leg to Survive

Some of the gangrenous Democratic candidates that have been amputated from the body politic are Betsy Markey of Colorado (an 11 point dog), Tom Perriello (a whopping 26 point dog in Virginia), and even Earl Pomeroy who is seeking his tenth term but finds himself at a 9 point disadvantage in North Dakota. These candidates have basically been abandoned by the party support they desperately need because to the Democratic leaders it looks like they are already too far gone to be saved. The party feels it would be doing itself a disservice to fight these Waterloos and in the process lose other winnable races, and possibly the majority as a result, by spreading the $218 million budget too thin.

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Democrats have their CA candidate…Let the Jerry-atrics begin

For agonizing months upon months we all waited for Jerry to declare. While mud was being slung among the candidates in both parties, Jerry stood silent. While poor voting records, bi-partisan donations, and adultery scandals came to light, Jerry stood silent. In the time both Campbell and Newsom declared and withdrew, Jerry stood silent. And even as Meg Whitman’s poll numbers climbed out of the cellar with millions spent to make any opponent nervous, Jerry stood silent. Like a political Yoda he simply did nothing until it was time for action, and on Tuesday, that time came.

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The Campbell down, The Poizner benevolent, The Whitman silent, and the Brown meditates

Darwin’s greatest theories are of evolution and the survival of the fittest. Basically, from my limited understanding of one of the most paraphrased and least truly understood theories in modern science, and one that give agnostics and atheists a big soft one in the fight against the religious right, that the millions of years of […]

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Ho, Ho, Ho-ly Shit…

…are you seriously NOT officially campaigning for Governor yet, Brown!? or: RIP Poizner Campaign, June 2009-not soon enough It has been a few weeks since I wrote on the election, which looking back over what I missed, is not a big loss. As per usual the four major candidates are pretty much in a holding […]

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