Your Life on a Hard Drive

or: The Cloud Model…Extrapolated We here at Poppyc**k love technology, and have for years welcomed the idea that one day our future robot overlords will see us for the dangerous and unpredictable variable that we are and decide through complicated algorithms that the course of elimination or enslavement far outweighs the dangers of tolerating our […]

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Gatesgate ’09…The beer heard round the world

With the media on him like fat kids on a sundae he bent to the ‘great’ idea of the statey in getting a beer together. Yes this is the way to handle this. “Bring together Gates and his family with his arresting officer and his family and let’s get liquored up!” What a splendid idea, and while we’re at it we can solve the energy crisis by smoking hash around a bonfire or getting to the heart of the economic situation by doing copious amount of blow off the bare ass of a $50 dollar hooker in a seedy hotel off the strip

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