Look at This F-ing Guy #52

Who wears sandals and socks

 My father used to do this all the time. He did it most often on his day off work. Sandals, socks, ratty sweats and a plain white T-shirt on our way to the grocery store to fill my weekly public embarrassment quota. It doesn’t need to be the awful thong sandals with the socks, more often it will be the slip on sandals or the all-terrain, Land Rover sandals. No matter the sandal it should never be accompanied by socks of any stripe, pardon the pun.

I never got the idea behind the sandals/socks combo. I know the Germans and the Asians like this fashion faux pas, but that is a cultural pariah that doesn’t need to be jumping the shores to America. Were you wearing socks and then decided to leave the house, but thought slipping on a pair of shoes was too hard? I know, tying the laces of your shoes can be really tough work what with all the loops and knots and whatnot. Maybe it’s a little cold outside and you don’t want your feet to get cold? Then I refer back to putting on of the shoes! You keep your feet from getting nippy AND you keep from looking like a Germanic tourist.

Hell, sandals in the rain in shorts and a hoody could be adopted as the Oregonian uniform. I know the practice of wearing sandals 24/7 is observed with devotion by the college community today. Walking around all day long in sandals from class to class; all in pajama pants and concert t-shirts or college sweatshirts. I know that it is now cool to look like you just rolled out of bed in the middle of the afternoon, and you just might have for all we know, but you need to put a little thought in to the fact that you look like a jack ass. If it is too much trouble to put on a pair of shoes with your socks, or too much trouble to take off your socks before you put on sandals, then maybe you should just give up all together and just walk around barefoot all day long. I see these anti-footwear people all the time just feeling the grass beneath their feet and doing cartwheels in the quad, maybe you should join them if proper footwear combinations make your brain hurt, otherwise the tour bus leaves promptly at 7pm, Hans.

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